Helpful Tips For a Smooth Process

Documents Needed

Please provide the documents we request from you within 24 hours. It is important we work together to meet the requirements of your loan. Additional documents may be requested at any time during the mortgage process.

Credit Inquiries & Loans

Do NOT make credit inquiries or take on new debt. This may cause a delay in your transaction. Mi BANK will pull a credit inquiry prior to closing to ensure new debt has not been taken out. As we process your loan request, please continue to make all payments as normal.


As part of the mortgage process, Mi BANK will verify the information you provide on your application. This may include verifying past and present employment, insurance information, and additional items. Some veriļ¬cations must take place no sooner than 10 days before closing.
Please do not change jobs without informing us early in the process.

Cash and Large Deposits

Do NOT deposit cash or move money between accounts. All deposits and transfers must be documented.

Job Changes

Please do not make a job change without informing your banker early in the process.