Step into the world of entrepreneurship with Mi Entrepreneur, an initiative designed to celebrate and support the entrepreneurial community of Michigan! Entrepreneurship represents the pursuit of innovation, calculated risks, and the creation of something new in the face of challenges.

As a bank built for business, we have the pleasure of working with some incredible individuals who embody this spirit right here in Michigan.

Throughout the year, we will be showcasing a variety of Michigan entrepreneurs and sharing their advice on what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. From overcoming obstacles to seizing opportunities, we hope to inspire and empower you to pursue your own entrepreneurial goals.

Stay tuned for more updates, so you can join us in celebrating the innovative and inspiring business owners who are shaping the future of Michigan.

Kendall Wrigley

Kendall Wrigley’s journey to becoming the co-owner of Court4, a world-class racquet facility in Detroit, showcases her entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to her community.

Upon returning to her hometown of Grosse Pointe, after more than a decade in New York, she wanted to establish a local business that would not only thrive but also contribute to the place she grew up in and loved so much. After rediscovering her love for tennis and recognizing there was a need for a better indoor tennis facility in the area, Kendall knew that she had all the pieces of the puzzle. Despite some initial challenges, Kendall and her business partners successfully opened the doors to Court4 in September 2021.

For Kendall, the most important part of starting a new business is finding the right people. These not only include finding people needed to make the business successful but more importantly include finding the people you trust completely. You need people who are truly invested in the health of the business above everything else, who will support you during the lows and who will celebrate with you during the highs.

Kendall wanted to start her own business so she could enjoy it and finding the right people made that happen.

Todd Gildersleeve

Todd Gildersleeve’s early fascination with small businesses ignited a journey that transformed him into a successful entrepreneur. But like many success stories, he didn’t begin as one. Todd honed his business skills while working for a large national accounting firm, gaining valuable experience that would shape his entrepreneurial path. Along the way, he ventured into various industries, each offering unique insights and lessons.

His advice to aspiring entrepreneurs resonates deeply: “Don’t give up your day job!” Instead, consider a more gradual approach. You can immerse yourself in a similar field, or even embark on your own venture, but do so in your spare hours during evenings and weekends. This way, you can build your business while maintaining financial stability. Today, Todd spends his time growing Bakehouse 46, a successful multi-store café and bakery.

Dr. Molly O’Shea

Dr. Molly O’Shea, a Michigan-based entrepreneur, heads multiple successful ventures, notably the Birmingham Pediatrics Wellness Center. Departing from a group practice, she embarked on a mission to revolutionize healthcare for young patients. However, the hurdle she faced was finding a compatible bank to collaborate with. Most banks she approached showed little interest in funding a new business lacking historical financial information.

Yet, her perseverance paid off as she and her co-founder, Cinzia Filipovski, were able to connect with a supportive and trustworthy banker who shared their vision and believed in the venture’s potential. For Dr. O’Shea, having a reliable banker who placed trust in her was crucial for launching and expanding her business.

Steve Futrell

Steve Futrell’s experience as a successful technology, real estate, and finance entrepreneur taught him the importance of cultivating relationships.

He believes the secret to success is most new business comes from the growth of your existing customers. It isn’t always about the next sale, it’s about the relationship. Make sure you stay connected to your customers!